Mis Vacas

This game is played with a keyboard and a mouse. You have to shoot all the bandits on each stage without getting all your cows killed. If you manage to protect all the cows in an stage, you get an extra life. There's an ending after a few stages.

This game was made in less than 72h for Ludum Dare 46 as a collab between me (Art, Design, Code) and Hernán Marandino (music, SFX).

This was the first time I used the HaxeFlixel engine, an open source engine for the Haxe language, using Visual Studio Code. Art was made in Photoshop, and I used BM Font to export the Bitmap Fonts.

The title means 'My Cows' in spanish.


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I beat the game at least six times I think. Was really fun! Thank you for making this :)

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Hey! THANKS for playing and ejoying Mis Vacas so much! You might be interested on the full version I am working on, it's for steam.

Wishlist the game to be notified when its released!

Hola, me gusta el juego. Sigue adelante!! :)

¡Muchas gracias por jugar!
Ya que te ha gustado el juego, te recomiendo echarle un ojo a la versión completa que estoy preparando para steam, y añadirlo a tu lista de deseados.


hey, this game was real fun! I loved the minimalistic art style, and the game with its pretty simple audio effects felt responsive to my actions. Kept trying again till I won. Thank you. 

Thanks for playing! If you enjoyed Mis Vacas you might like 100 vacas, the full version of the game that I'm currently developing for steam


Be sure to wishlist it!

sure. looking forward for it to be done.

Fun little game - wish it had a timer or something - or even a dead cow count - to up the replayability - overall quite fun though.

Thanks for playing! I'm actually making an extended version and I was just about to implement a speedrun timer and also a scoring system for optimization :)

You can check it out here, please wishlist it!


Very fun game! The last level is properly challenging my first playthrough ended trying to complete it :[ Can’t wait to reach the big ass bbq though

Thank you!!

Such a cool game, can't believe it was made in a weekend. Is it possible to get past stage 6?

Haha! its possible to get past six, and theres an ending after level 8.

Thanks for playing!